After hearing about these “Zika” related news stories, a similar fable came to mind.  When I was a child and staying at home in the hot summers of Stockton I discovered how CNN news was often on a daily cycle or loop.  Most days were just recorded information that was repeated every couple of hours.
The scary news event at the time was ‘Africanized killer bees’ that were making their way in deadly swarms up from South America.  Experts were interviewed and quite frankly we didn’t stand a chance.  To paraphrase the general tone……when they get here to the U.S. they will wreak havoc and people will be killed!  In South and Central America people were unable to go outside for fear of death from these killer bees.
As the news loop continues it seems similar to SAR’s, Swine Flu, Ebola, and the terrible West Nile virus.
After doing a little fact based research:  Zika is not new, it’s a known virus from as early as the late 1940’s.  Why would it all of the sudden be the cause of these ‘new effects?’Likely causes & bigger contributors include toxins:

Pesticide use: Brazil utilizes more pesticides than any other country on earth. This is an important factor because presence absence of these toxins restricts fetal growth & head size.

Introduction of Tdap vaccine recommendations for pregnant women:  This began in Brazil in late 2014 and is important because giving this to pregnant women has not been tested.  Even the manufacturers recommend caution when administering to pregnant women.

Genetically engineered mosquitos:  These man made hybrids have been released in Brazil.  There are no studies or lab testing on the safety of these to determine what toxic elements are present in the modified mosquitos.

Severe malnutrition:  In many poverty stricken areas of the world a lack of basic sanitation and clean water is the greatest contributing factor to suppression of the immune system.

anti-mosquito sprays: 400,000 pregnant women have been given sprays in Brazil.  These are toxic and the contents are known to be disruptive to the human nervous system.

You can expect a vaccine to be introduced in short order.  It will conveniently be brought to market before the Olympics and unfortunately have very little safety or testing before being offered or mandated to the public.

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