In talking to friends or family & people in the general public, there has at times been push back with the people ‘needing’ chiropractic care.  Or people say, “I have never needed a chiropractor”.  These may be nuanced and sometimes true.  The question is how do YOU come to these conclusions?  Lack of low back or neck pain?  Not having sciatica or migraines?  The fact is chiropractic care is valuable with or without the presence or awareness of pain.  Additionally, as a principled chiropractor my measurements, determinations and progress are totally independent of the reports of pain.  At Evoke Spinal Care in Pleasant Hill, CA Chiropractic is functional and constructive in regards to health, lifestyle and focus.  Yes our practice is driven to keep people away from sickness, dis-ease and pain.  Our chief aim is to keep our clients well!  How do you know if you are maximizing your health and wellbeing?  Is there room for improvement?