I have heard people say ‘the new smoking is sitting’.  I do agree that the sitting is detrimental to our health, core muscules and posture.  However, in my professional opinion the new smoking is FaceBook or other social media sites.
To combat the effects of too much sitting, many of my clients are getting standing workstations and have had some great postural changes as they make the switch.  They have also reported having sore feet or other issues when utilizing the stand up desk for too long.  Some of the soreness and discomfort is likely due to de-conditioned muscles and lack of exercise.  As a reminder, daily walks and some form of exercise is vitaly important.  When you consider how much we are sitting in the car, to eat, and every other place, its time for some info & pics on ideal sitting and work positions.
Another important consideration is sleep and our position while sleeping.  Below is an ideal side sleepers alignment.