Staying Healthy as a Weekend Warrior






The definition of the Weekend Warrior is: a person who participates in physically
strenuous activity but only on weekends or part-time (normal, everyday people who
have full-time jobs but still try to stay as active when their schedules allow).
Research suggests that just one to two workout sessions per week is enough to
reduce mortality among those with no major risk factors. While regular exercisers
had lower death rates than weekend warriors, the differences were not significant.

Avoid injuries and learn how to make the most of your part-time routine by reading

about the most common injuries people experience as well as some helpful injury

prevention tips below!

Common Weekend Warrior Injuries
Shoulder injuries
Shoulder injuries—including sprains, strains, and dislocations can occur with

Shin splints
Many joggers and runners complain of shin splits, which are pains that run along the
front of the lower legs.

ACL tear (knee)
When runners stop too suddenly, or when athletes are struck in the knee during a
contact sport, ACL tears can occur, and often require surgery.







Patellofemoral syndrome (knee)
This knee injury is caused by the kneecap rubbing against the leg bone, damaging
tissue and causing pain.

Tennis elbow
Any repetitive use of the elbow, such as hitting a tennis ball, can irritate the elbow’s
tendons and cause tenderness.






Hamstring strain
Hamstring muscles can be stretched from activities like running. Hamstring muscles
are difficult to rest, which makes injuries fairly common.

Groin pull
Inner thigh muscles, or groin muscles, can be strained when pushing off in a lateral,
side-to-side movement.


Injury Prevention 
Set Realistic Goals

If you haven’t done a sport or exercise for years, don’t expect to be able to start
right back at the level where you left off. Begin by doing exercises that prepare
your joints and muscles for the sport. Then start back slowly and gradually increase
your distance or duration.

Proper Warm Up
Many people skip warm-up exercises because they want to get right to the activity,
but even 10 minutes of stretching or a light to moderate intensity activity (walking,
jogging, or dynamic stretching, etc.) can prepare your body for exercise and
minimize injuries.

Strength Train
Strength training is a great way to build endurance for the Weekend Warrior.
Muscles need resistance training to function at their full capacity. It’s essential in a
well-balanced exercise program, helping build muscular power, strength, and
endurance. Strength training also helps reduce the load on joints as stronger
muscles take on more of the impact.

Posture, Posture, Posture
Believe it or not, good ergonomics, posture and even the wear of your shoes can
make a huge difference in your routine technique. Professional athletes optimize the
mechanics of their technique with custom orthotics, proper shoes, and correct body
mechanics/proper form during exercise and daily activities.

Recovery and Regeneration
Learn how to care for your body by implementing the benefits of massage,
chiropractic adjustments, proper nutrition and adequate water intake, stretching, exercise, incorporating a foam roller or
hot / cold therapy.
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