Every tool, instrument, or vessel is good if it performs well that function for which it was made; and yet, in such cases, the maker is external to it.  But for those creatures who are made by Nature, the power that made them is within and remains there.  Because of this, you must honor that power all the more and understand that if you conduct yourself and life your life in accordance with Nature’s will, then everything will be in accordance with your Intelligence.” – The Essential Marcus Aurelius Book 6.40

The thought of the ‘power’ residing within us is ancient.  In fact, Marcus Aurelius wrote about it nearly two thousand years ago.

The current social environment is causing many groups and individuals to stand up and demand different or new solutions.  People are acting out against the power of the government, corporations, and agencies.  When and where did they get their power?  Some of our tools or instruments we have created as a society are NOT performing for which they were made.