There are hundreds or even thousands of diseases, symptoms and known diagnoses. However, there are ONLY 3 primary reasons for greater than 90% of all sickness/pain & suffering.

You have likely heard of at least two of these. They are related and generally speaking overlap one another to cause dis-ease in your body.

The first is Biochemical imbalance:
Generally speaking this is the result of junk food and empty calories. In our fast paced world we are eating food with non-nutrient value. There are no nutrients or minerals in a soda, fast food, chips or candy. The question becomes, where do we get our nutrients from? It is also a known fact that some of our large farming practices result in lower nutrient values in whole foods.
As a nation the U.S. is statistically overweight, aka FAT. Too much sugar and trans fats are common contributing factors. However, chemicals are additional causes of the biochemical epidemic. Taste enhancers, genetically modified foods, hormones, antibiotics & heavy metals are some of the 80,000 plus chemicals we ingest and are regularly exposed to. These TOXINS become destructive free radicals that are stored in FAT.
Addressing this problem is a GIANT step to eliminate cancer, pain, high blood pressure, & type 2 diabetes.

​The second, Hormonal imbalance:
The #1 cause of this common imbalance is STRESS.
Stress is something commonly present and can be a good thing when we are referring to EU-Stress or stress from something like exercise. However, in this example we are referring to DES-Stress that is chronic and prolonged. Work, family responsibilities and even relationships can be sources. As an example high stress will only result in an ulcer when the hormones are out of balance. The result of hormonal imbalances are energy/fatigue and sleep problems. The three main glands (related to weight) are: adrenal glands (break sugar into fat), thyroid (related to weight gain & fatigue), pancreas (regulation of sugars).

The third reason, UNDETECTED Nerve damage:
This is the most commonly uncovered problem for people coming into this office. It has been reported that the average 13 year old has had close to a thousand micro traumas in his or her life. These come from sports, falls, fights/wrestling, accidents, repetitive motion injuries or otherwise learning how to crawl, stand up, climb etc. UNDETECTED NERVE DAMAGE is referred to as SUBLUXATION and can be the cause of poor sleep, low energy, weak digestion, and pain. Finding and addressing the correct places in the spine and body are the foundation of optimal health.

Figuring out where you need work and fix these issues is your primary goal. Call for a consultation!