2 06, 2021

Reducing Your Risk of Sports Injuries

2021-06-02T16:37:52+00:00June 2nd, 2021|Ankle Pain, Arthritis, Asthma, Back Pain, Body Malfunction, Doctor's Recommendations, Evoke Spinal Care, Exercise, Fatigue, Knee Pain, Knee Replacement, Migraine Headache, Neck Pain, Orthopedic, Pain Relief, Personalized Care, Pleasant Hill Chiropractor, Sprained Ankle, Walnut Creek Chiropractor, Wrist Pain|

Sports Care How to Reduce Your Risk of Sports Injuries It may not be possible to prevent all injuries during exercise and athletic sports, but you can do a lot to reduce your chance of a strain, sprain, concussion or other injury. Read our tips below to stay in optimal health! What activities present a

16 02, 2021

Keeping Spinal Discs Healthy

2021-02-16T18:46:25+00:00February 16th, 2021|Back Pain, Doctor's Recommendations, Education, Evoke Spinal Care, Exercise, EXERCISES, Fatigue, Health Care, Holistic Chiropractic, Migraine Headache, Neck Pain, Nutrition, Pain Relief, Personalized Care, Pleasant Hill Chiropractor, Spinal Surgery, Stress Relief, Uncategorized, Walnut Creek Chiropractor|

Spinal Discs Keeping Your Spinal Discs Healthy Your body has 24 spinal discs and 33 vertebrae (which help protect your spinal nerves). When discs are healthy, they are thick, flexible and comfortable. When they’re unhealthy, dehydrated and thin,chronic back pain from degenerative disc disease could be in your near future! Luckily, disc degeneration and chronic

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