Stress is commonly considered a detriment to our health.  I see stress affect people in three typical ways.
1. Mechanical or Postural Stress:
This occurs when we have misaligned spines and bodies.  People will usually have a bad knee or foot on one side.  Structural breakdown can result and pain and limit function.
2. Mental & Emotional Stress:
These are experienced when we think or worry about life circumstances.  I commonly find that I am thinking about the past or anticipating the future when mental or emotional stress is present.
3.  Biological or Physiological Stress:
This stress comes from the toxins that may be present in our air, water and food.  We may have gotten a ‘bug’ or are unable to process something through our GI tract.

During a recent continuing education session, I was excited to hear and see the research that is occurring within the Chiropractic profession and beyond about what happens in the brain when an adjustment is delivered.  Not only is the brain better able to “see” what is happening in the legs and arms leading to better coordinated effort and movement,  the muscles in the body are stronger after a single adjustment.  Finally the frontal lobe of the brain is stimulated after an adjustment.  This is the executive functioning of the brain.  These are our decision making, self regulation and management of the bodies resources.  It turns out that higher coordination in this area of the brain leads lower adverse reactions to stress.  Now who wouldn’t want improved ability to manage stress and perform at a higher level?

Call the office today if you relate to any of these area’s of stress.

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