Many studies have demonstrated that fish oils and vitamin D help brain function.  This is accomplished through improved cognitive function but what is the link?  In a recent article published in FASEB serotonin is described as the link.  The authors go on to describe why Vitamin D & Fish oil or omega-3’s have such a significant effect on so many brain based disorders.
Deficiencies are common in the U.S., and ADD, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, bipolar disorders, and depression also have low levels of brain serotonin.  Previous research has demonstrated that vitamin D helps regulate the conversion of tryptophan (I first heard about this in turkey meat and ‘makes us tired after eating’) to serotonin which is a neurotransmitter affecting: mood, decision making, & behavior.  Now researchers are linking all these components together and working synergistically.  Vitamin D controls as many as 1000 genes according to previous research.  Fish oil’s have two main components EPA & DHA.  EPA helps release the serotonin and positively affects neurons to reduce inflammatory signaling molecules.    Think turning off the pain channel.  DHA has an effect on the post synaptic serotonin receptors, making them more fluid and accessible.  Think prepping the soil for better future growth.
So serotonin and the additional components are essential for brain development, our ability to relate to each other and executive function which is related to decision making.  Have you ever not wanted to eat junk food, smoke or have another drink, maybe not yell at your children?  May it be related to supporting optimal levels of vitamin D or essential fatty acids in the form of fish oils?  If so, we can likely prevent and alleviate many of the brain based symptoms our society suffers from.  Additionally, there are no side effects!Balance your body and balance your serotonin for greater health outcomes.


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