“When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied.”

I recently met with a person who is in the medical health field. She is a highly educated and by all accounts, a successful professional in physical medicine. She made a statement about chiropractors and her belief in what chiropractic is, and what it is good for.
In one statement she said, “I tell people chiropractors may be helpful for pain. However, if they tell you they can cure your common cold, turn around and run away.”

This quote from Herophilus helps put our differing belief systems into perspective. In chiropractic we see the connection and coordination of all aspects of the body interacting together. Therefore any dis-ease the body or mind experiences can have a detrimental effect on any aspect of health and immune function. Including and not limited to: wisdom, creativity, and strength expressed through the individual.

To be clear, we do not as chiropractors heal or cure anything. This in my opinion is an arrogant stance and belief system. It is the body and the systems of the body that do the work to heal each one of us. We as chiropractors help put the body in a position to win by re-establishing inefficient neural pathways in the spine.

In my belief system and scientific understanding this is a benefit that helps limit and neutralize the effects of the common cold and/or any other dis-ease process humans experience. She is correct that we do not “cure the common cold”. With efficient and fully adaptable immune responses you and I will have fewer colds and overall improved function in all aspects of life.