If I have learned anything in the last 5-7 years helping over a thousand people with health, managing pain and getting their body in a position to win, it’s no matter how unique the diagnosis or pain syndrome seems to be ….. the pattens and inherent weaknesses are not unique at all.
The body is the body is the body.  Honestly consider that, because the key to setting yourself free, and getting on the right course towards health has common themes.  You see there is a systematic, disciplined approach to getting healthy and living pain free.  It has been studied and tested for decades to produce outstanding results in virtually every pain syndrome, headache, and degenerative process.

Thats not to say that it’s not hard work and some people don’t get the ultimate results they desire, but it’s rewarding and will put the person in a better position than when they began.  If the system is committed to, simply said, it will transform the person.

The system is focused on optimizing and restoring injury patterns identified in the infrastructure of the human frame.  It is based on the point of view that health comes from the inside out.  It is my philosophy that our body is here to to give us more life, adventure and satisfaction.  Unfortunately, too many people are needlessly suffering.  At Evoke Spinal Care in Pleasant Hill we are dedicated to the success of each and every client we have the opportunity to serve.  Our focus is on unlocking the restricted healing abilities within so YOU can get from where you are now to where you want and dream to be.

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