“As a chiropractor our effectiveness is knowing – There is an internal constructive purposeful keeper within.” – Dr Stephen Duff, Sr.

Evoke Spinal Care – Our chiropractic office in Pleasant Hill, CA is your unfair advantage in all aspects of life.  What is the advantage you ask?  It starts with a clarity and removal of internal interference between body and mind.  You have an advantage when you are with out impairment to internal energy source & efficiency of movement.  It’s an unfair advantage to your competition at work or the field of play when they operate in a condition of less than.
It’s a competitive advantage to have a highly skilled chiropractor on your healthy lifestyle team.  Most people know they need to eat right, get good sleep, exercise and drink enough water.   The aspect that isn’t as readily thought of AND connects all the aforementioned aspects is your central nervous system.  The chief aim in our office is the location and removal of impediments to full life and vibrant health operating with or without pain and usually silently in your spine.
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