Touch best for newborn pain management

In a recent article from Latinos Health, it was determined that newborn pain management was best addressed with touch.  This fact has been reiterated by the American Academy of Pediatrics who updated their policy for prevention based on research.  There are many ways for neonatal caregivers can assess the condition of a baby.  Keep in mind non drug options (touch) consistently draw better results for baby and children’s pain management.

In another study published by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) babies undergoing medical tests were better able to hold down pain with a mother holding or nursing while receiving a heel lance or venipuncture procedure.

In yet another NIH study, sensorial stimulation (touch) versus oral sugar (candy), researchers observed babies were more responsive and calm when stimulated with infant massage (touch).

It works for pediatrics and children.  What is the likelihood this human interaction also works better for adults?