McKenzie Back Program – Download here

The McKenzie back program exercises are awesome for strengthening the muscles along the spine.  This program is a piece of the puzzle that will result in less pain and improved athletic performance.

Clinical Evidence supports the combination of chiropractic care and exercise for pain relief and spinal stability.  Several problems are corrected this combination of conservative upper cervical chiropractic care and strengthening exercise.  One of the stated goals of the developer of the McKenzie program is to centralize the pain source away from arms or legs and into the spine.  This helps to get to the cause of the problem which is also a chief tennent of holistic chiropractic care.  For best results utilize conservative chiropractic care at Evoke Spinal Care in conjunction with your exercise and fitness activities.

If you have a herniated disc, arthritis in the back or spine, nerve pain, degeneration, sciatica scoliosis or any other spinal injury like whiplash, it is important to incorporate safe and effective at home exercise and movement.  It has been reported that patients can expect 50-70% improvement in pain associated with herniated discs with these exercises alone.

When coupled with chiropractic care the results are amazing and regularly result in improved range of motion, athletic performance and decreased pain.

McKenzie Back Program