Kids Who Play Sports Need Chiropractic Care
Do you have a young athlete in your household? Organized and individual sports start at
an early age. Youth sports can provide a healthy outlet for physical activity,
sportsmanship, and competition. Team sports and individual activities, like golf or tennis,
typically practice several times a week. Unfortunately, with any physical activity there
brings a greater risk for injury. Early chiropractic care can help get your child star back
into the game as soon as possible.

Learn about all of the benefits of chiropractic intervention at an early age by reading our
article below!

1. Reduce & Prevent Injury
All sports place stress on the musculoskeletal system. Some may be noticeable, like a
sprain, slip or fall – while others may not be as easily detected at the on-set. Sometimes
these less noticeable injuries can become serious overtime. Without proper treatment,
the body’s ability to heal itself becomes compromised. Chiropractic treatment focuses on
prevention and injury avoidance. Part of this approach involves addressing problems as
early as possible for your child. Correcting misalignments and caring for the whole body
regularly, will contribute to preventing athletic injuries.

2. Improve Performance
Chiropractic adjustments for young patients focus mainly on increasing the function of
the nervous system. The central nervous system consists primarily of the brain and the
spinal cord. This network in the human body is crucial to brain and nerve development,
behavior, and so much more. Simply put, having a misaligned spine affects performance.
Athletes who use chiropractic care regularly tend to show a significant increase in their
sports performance. Resolving misalignments on an ongoing basis should be a priority.
Along with a healthy spine, it is also important to acknowledge the role a strong immune
system plays in your child’s athletic career.

3. Speed Recovery Time
One way to decrease your recovery time is by using chiropractic care. A chiropractor can
relax your body’s muscles to improve the flow of nutrients and oxygen needed for

recovery. Regular adjustments from a chiropractor also helps break down scar tissue to
improve flexibility.

3. Treat Concussions
“The first step in treating a young athlete for a concussion is to perform a proper
assessment, using the Sport Concussion Assessment Tool at the on-set, during
treatment, and after all symptoms have subsided.

In 2013, The Journal of Chiropractic Medicine conducted a review on the topic of
chiropractic care for concussion in youth sports. The article provided guidelines for
treatment and prevention, including patient education and use of proper protective
headgear.” It is also important to take note that neurological symptoms, such as mood
changes, may linger for several weeks or months following concussions.

“Chiropractic concussion care “saved the career” of the NHL’s Pittsburgh Penguin player
Sidney Crosby, who had a chiropractor on his personal team. Crosby had suffered a
series of concussions and thought his career might be over before treatment by
chiropractic care.” – Source:

Call Dr. Fred Dietzen to set up the optimal plan to insure your child athlete performs their
best all season long!
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