The facts are that chiropractic care is very safe for all populations.  A 2003 article in Forensic Science International looked at chiropractic care and correcting asymmetry in the head neck region.  There is a correlation between asymmetry/imbalance & heart rate changes observed with mild mechanical irritation of the high cervical spine of infants.

In first world countries, sudden infant death (SID) is the most common cause of death during the first 12 months of life.  In the study infants between 1 and 12 months were given an upper neck adjustment if they were thought to be at a higher risk of SID.  At the time the article was published, it was reported that 20,000 children treated with chiropractic care without serious complications.

The findings of the authors were “consistent with the possibility that a minor mechanical irritation of the cervical region may trigger the first step in the events that lead to SID.” & “Children with disturbed symmetry of the atlanto-occipital (head and neck) region could be of higher risk for SID”

My conclusion based on this article and professional experience … not only is chiropractic safe for infants, it is dangerous to not get your child checked and assessed for asymmetry of the atlanto-occipital-C2 region of body.  ​