I was having a conversation with a friend about the process in which food is picked and brought to market.  He was frustrated and we both recognized that at least one of the parties in the story was not advocating for their harvest.  I was appalled and couldn’t believe that someone would act in this manner.  What would cause something like this to happen?
Then I started to think about my own efforts to harvest my small garden.  I regularly leave fruit and vegetables on the plant and other times pick it and don’t cook or use it while it’s ripe.
How many times and in what aspects of my life, have I had an opportunity to harvest my efforts and not taken the steps to enjoy the fruits of my labors?   I am sad to say this has happened frequently in my life.   Last Friday I harvested my tomato plant and was thankful I was able to give them to people who wanted them.  It’s a wonderful feeling to live life and appreciate the abundance present in our life.

In the context of wellness I see many opportunities for all of us to practice and feel abundance.
In all of these activities the harvest isn’t always immediate, so the bounty can be experienced at a later time.  In my experience these all have a cumulative effect over time
Daily meditation
Going for a walk
Playing games with your kids
Donating items that you no longer need or use
Chiropractic care