Car Accidents and Injuries
Finding Relief without Drugs or Surgery
Every year 30% of all road collisions in emergency departments involve back strains and spinal injuries. Did
you know even a small rear-end collision can result back pain that causes trouble for years on end? Pain
after an auto accident is more common than people think, and not many are aware of the potential
treatments that best suit a car accident. They are even less aware of the treatments available that don’t
involved drugs or surgery. Read our article below to find out the steps you can take if you or your loved one
are injured in an automobile.

person looking at wrecked car with their hands both on top of their headFacts
Automobile bumpers are made to withstand damage at five miles per hour, but the human body was not
built to withstand damage at this speed. When a vehicle doesn’t absorb the force of a crash, the people in
the vehicle do, leading to all sorts of neck, back and spinal injuries. Many times, the injuries that occur
during an auto accident are not seen externally. Delays in the onset of pain are also common. Muscles,
ligaments and spinal discs can continue to ache years after the accident. Damage to the spine can lead to
headaches, neck pain, stiffness, chronic muscle tension and spasms, lower back pain, spinal disc
degeneration, inflamed arthritis, sore and inflexible muscles. Posture is affected and there can be a greater
chance of repeat injury in the future.

What Can You Do?
Although certain medications and surgeries can help, there are other means of relief that can prevent you
from having to succumb to medicinal treatments.

A. Rest
Rest is vital for the healing of your back injury. Take time of work to make sure you’re not sitting at a desk
or on your feet all day.
B. Ice
Ice and heat can help to reduce back pain. Some people prefer ice, others heat – you’ll need to test which
one is best for you. Ice packs applied for 15 minutes to the injured area will help to reduce swelling soon
after an accident. Don’t apply heat to the area for a few days at first- this can increase swelling and bruising.
C. Heat
A few days after the accident, heat can soothe tense muscles that tighten up as you struggle with pain.
Naturally, you will avoid moving the injured area, this leads to tense and rigid muscles. A hot water bottle
can help to improve blood flow and reduce that tension.
2. Gentle Exercise
You may not want to move at all, but very gentle exercise can help to reduce your back pain after a
collision. Something as simple as walking around the block a few times a day will help to retain your muscle
strength and improve blood flow. It’s vital to maintain muscle strength, especially around back injuries.
Strong muscles support your spine!
3. Massage Therapy
A massage therapist will show you simple exercises for you to complete at home on a daily basis. These
stretches and exercises will help you to stay flexible and build your muscle strength to support the injured
4. Why Visiting a Chiropractor is Always a Smart Move
Nothing can compare to natural non-invasive methods like chiropractic care. They can determine how
much damage your body has sustained and recommend treatment necessary for a full recovery. A
chiropractor can treat neck injuries / whiplash, back injuries, soft tissue injuries, and will be able to help you
loosen stiff muscles. With regular adjustments, you can prevent further injuries from developing while also
easing current pain and finding neck and back pain relief.
A. They Can Help Your Body Heal Itself
Did you know chiropractors are trained to see even the micro tears that x-rays are not able to scan? The
microscopic tears inside of muscles are one of the leading causes of inflammation. With proper physical
spine manipulation done by a chiropractor, your body will be able to naturally release IL-6 substances again.
This is a vital anti-inflammatory that is used to help fight of chronic injuries from developing.
B. They Help Mobilize Your Body
Lack of motion in the body slows down the healing process of injuries due to nutrients and blood vessels not
being able to flow properly. Adjustments from a chiropractor will help mobilize the body faster thus allowing
the healing process to being faster.
C. Long-Lasting Results with Extra Benefits
Unlike many other methods for treatment of physical pain, chiropractic care actually enables you to
experience lasting results quite quickly. Even bi-annual adjustments, after achieving the desired results
should be enough to sustain relief. Regular adjustments can also treat sciatica, scoliosis, neck pain, joint
pain, headaches, and even frozen shoulder syndrome.
D. Affordable
Most chiropractors accept insurance, but even without coverage, the costs are way less in comparison to
going to the doctor.

damaged blue car accident
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Source: Suffering from Back Pain After Car Accident? Here’s What To Do