​The most essential step is to live life more consciously and make choices that nurture the flow of life’s energy, while minimizing (or eliminating) those things that deplete it.

Here’s Deepak’s Top 5 Ways to Stoke Your Inner Digestive Fire that you   can start today:

  1. Give Yourself Unconditional Encouragement: A simple way to make more healing choices is to ask yourself whether you would encourage someone you love unconditionally to have whatever experience you’re considering. Follow the example of a conscious, loving mother who wants her child to eat nourishing food, engage in loving relationships, and avoid situations that create unnecessary distress.
  2. Unclutter Your Life: Your inner fire is weakened when you have too much “stuff” in your life. This includes too much debt, too many financial commitments, too many complicated, demanding relationships, and too much clutter. Consciously survey your life and target those things that you’re carrying with you from the past that are no longer serving you in the present. This is also a good way to make room for those things that you would like to bring into your life that you have previously neglected.
  3. Rest, Exercise, and Meditate: Balance your activity with rest. Create a regular meditation practice and be sure to get replenishing sleep each night.
  4. Practice Conscious Eating: Your digestion is affected by the conversations at the table, your environment, and your mood when you eat. If you’re having an argument or watching a violent TV show, your stomach will knot and your digestion will be disturbed. To extract the most nourishment from your food, never eat when you feel upset. Create a settled, peaceful atmosphere for your meals, eat only when you’re hungry, and choose fresh, organic food whenever possible.
  5. Get Regular Detoxification Treatments: No matter how consciously you live, modern life exposes you to a variety of toxins that deplete your digestive power—from the pollutants in food, water, and air, to the more subtle toxicity of negative media and the hyper-stimulus of cell phones and the Internet.To keep your metabolic power strong, it’s important to get regular detoxification treatments that release toxins from deep within the body’s tissues, clearing away physical and emotional residue and leaving you feeling renewed and rejuvenated.

If you’re ready to clear out the physical and emotional toxins that are weighing you down (and wearing you out!) . . . so that you feel lighter and experience more vitality, energy, and clarity of mind than ever before.