“Healing is the process of reestablishing the integration between mind, body, & spirit, creating opportunities for the return of the memory of wholeness.” – Daniel Simon

Every season brings with it an inherent memory and potential for adaptation to a new environment.  As children return to school after a fun filled summer we experience a little cooler air and shorter days.

With this return there is typically an increase in sickness and the potential for the common cold, and flu.  One of the primary reasons for this tendency is we are not in the sun as frequently.  We work and go to school indoors leading to lower natural vitamin D production from sun exposure.  The flu season is much more likely a failure of our immune system to integrate this change in season.  The most critical components to the functioning of the human immune system are: Vitamin’s D, E, A & zinc.    ​
These vitamins can be easily and inexpensively supplemented.  By assuring that your body has all the proper nutrients and keeping the body properly alignment the likelihood of sickness is dramatically decreased.  It is important to know which are high quality and therefore assimilated by the body.  Look for organic and whole food sourced options when buying nutritional supplements.

​FYI – they cannot be found at costco, safeway or most drug stores.