You may not live or work in Pleasant Hill California and be looking for a GREAT chiropractic office.
You may not know that you will NEED a great chiropractor on your health and wellness team for best outcomes.

The reason you need a chiropractor on YOUR team is it’s the only profession that interacts with the body mind complex to release the imprisoned life force within.  This captive joint or physical limitation causes guarding and utilizes energy & resources to protect.  It is best to free the internal limitations that result in holistic healing.  In our office & chiropractic adjustments does this!
You may think that having physical pain and wanting it healed (or to just go away) is the only benefit of seeing a  chiropractor.

​Do you appreciate, made in the USA and holistic options for your health?  Have you considered how many dysfunctions and dis-ease(s) begin and proliferate without any pain present?

At Evoke Spinal Care Chiropractic in Pleasant Hill, we consider & measure structure as body and life function for optimal health outcomes.  We consider ourselves the greatest chiropractic office in this city and the world.
However, we can’t see everyone and may not be the right fit for others.

​If in Oakland go see one or both of a great partnership at!
Ask for Dr Irina Velichko DC or Dr Ben Glass DC