Knees Hurt When You Walk? Read this…
Pain is how your body communicates with you. Pain in your joints could be an indication of injury or
arthritis. But what does pain behind your knee when walking mean? Read our article below to find out!

The Knee Joint Explained
The knee is one of the biggest joints in the body – it is also one of the most complex and load-bearing joints.
The knees job is to keep the body upright as you stand and walk. The knee joint is made up of the kneecap,
thigh bone, shin bone, along with various muscles, tendons, cartilage, and ligaments which all come together
at the knee joint. Injury anywhere could spread or worsen, which is why knee pain needs to be taken care of
as soon as possible to avoid mobility issues.


Common Causes of Knee Pain When Walking
Pain behind your knee could be accompanied by swelling, lumpiness, or a locking sensation.

• Arthritis
Arthritis is a degenerative joint disease which involves gradual wearing away of the cartilage cushioning the
bones of your leg. Without this cartilage, bones start to grind against each other. This can be long-lasting
and extremely painful. Unfortunately, cartilage cannot regenerate so medical assistance is typically

• Leg Cramps
Cramps occur when your muscles tighten on their own resulting in sudden pain in the area. Cramps can be
caused by nutrient deficiency, dehydration, nerve problems, toxicity, and even liver disease. Many people
tend to cramp up during exercise. This pain can linger for hours to several days. Luckily, it can usually be
treated with heat and massage.

• Meniscus Tear
A meniscus tear can happen suddenly, or gradually as the meniscus starts to wear down. This is common in
athletes. Symptoms include a popping sound or sensation at the moment of injury, followed by pain,
swelling, stiffness, or a locking sensation.

• Baker’s Cyst
A Baker’s cyst is a pocket of fluid under the skin behind the knee. The fluid in this cyst helps lubricate your
joints and keep them working smoothly. Too much of this fluid in the area could result in a cyst. Symptoms
include pain, swelling, stiffness, or difficulty flexing. If the cyst bursts, sharp pain in the area can occur.

Jumper’s Knee (Tendonitis of the knee)
The tendon that connects your kneecap to your shin bone is prone to injuries from jumping. Often treated
in sports medicine, it’s likely to occur in those who play basketball, volleyball, or any sport that involved

jumping. Symptoms include pain below the kneecap, stiffness, weakness of the joint, difficulty
bending/straitening the leg.

• Ligament Injury
Knee ligaments that attach your thigh bone to your shin bone include the anterior & posterior cruciate
ligaments and the medial & lateral collateral ligaments. ACL injuries are the most common. This is because
this ligament crosses through the knees and keeps your shin bones from sliding in front of your thigh bones.
PCL injuries are often caused by car accidents, and ligament tears could cause knee pain when walking
which may require surgery.

Chiropractic for Knee Pain
The chiropractor is able to treat knee pain without using prescription medications or surgical procedures. A
chiropractor will take the time to identify the root causes of knee pain. Instead of treating the symptoms on
the surface, a chiropractor wants to treat not only symptoms but also the underlying issue, preventing
problems in the future.
A chiropractor can also recommend alternative options including physical therapy and massage to
strengthen the muscles around the knee.

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Source: Pain Behind Knee When Walking: Top 10 Possible Underlying Causes
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