This is for people who want to experience and have a lasting change with their low back & neck pain.  

​First, think about what may be causing the pain!  What are you doing when it hurts most.  What makes it feel better or when do you NOT notice it?  What is the message that your body is communicating?

I find it interesting when someone takes anti-inflammatory medications for months or years and they still report the same low back pain.  I in fact used to be one of these people and wonder now what if any the benefit was.  My thought process then, seems irrational to me now.  Knowing what I do now, I feel it’s important to communicate the importance of new habits to gain relief from your low back pain.

One – Move your body – It may seem counterintuitive but movement like: hiking, walking, biking and swimming can be the answer to back pain relief depending on the person.  I also, recommend that you move your body into a visit to: evoke spinal care in Pleasant Hill for chiropractic care.  Science frequently has shown movement is necessary for humans and it can be advisable to exercise when you have low back pain.  This is different (not advised) if you experience radiating pain, down the leg and past the knee.
Two – Drink more water – It has been well documented that we, as a society are  chronically dehydrated.  Because most of your body is water it is a critical component to sustained communication of nerves, hormones, and removal of waste products.  All of which when out of balance or poorly receiving impulses can cause pain.   I also read that it is no longer advised to take anti-inflammatory medications for the treatment of low back pain.  The problems this outdated and misapplied treatment statistically outweigh the benefits.
Three – Sit less – How and where/when we sit makes a big difference in the musculature of the core muscles of our body.  A de-conditioned spine and core support will continue to become compromised over time if not addressed.  When this is coupled with a misaligned spine the effects are often magnified.  Spinal misalignment is the main reason people initially seek chiropractic care in our office so we help and give options to protect your body and alignment.  If you have to sit for long periods we recommend sitting on something that will engage the core.